Multi-Course Dinners

Multi-Course Dinner Sample Menu

  • First Course
    Crab Cakes with Preserved Lemon Aioli
  • Second Course
    Sweet and Sour Pomegranate Glazed Lamb Chops, Oven Roasted Baby Potatoes
  • Third Course
    Fattoush Salad, Winter Greens, Radish, Fennel, Pomegranate, Herbs, Sumac
  • Fourth Course
    Apricot Harissa Seared Scallops, Cauliflower, Hazelnut, Swiss Chard
  • Fifth Course
    Chocolate Caramel Tart, Raspberry Chantilly
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Cocktail Party Sample Menu

- Spicy Feta Endive Cups, Radishes
- Lima Bean Mash with Muhammara
- Date Molasses Marinated Chicken Shish, Spoon Salad, Lavas
- Findik Lahmacun with Labne, Mint
- Kadayif Rolled Shrimp, Tomato Brown Butter
- Labne Orange Blossom Chantilly Stuffed Apricots, Pistachios
- Rice Pudding, Mango Mousse

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Cocktail Parties
Family-Style Menu

Family-Style Sample Menu

- Chicken Shwarma
- Beet Tzatziki
- Lentil Mini Patties Lettuce Wraps
- Smoked Eggplant Salad
- Sweet Potato Hummus
- Feta Spinach Borek
- Tomato Cucumber Herb Salad
- Walnut Cookies
- Fruit Tarts

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